Celebrating 30 years in Business

A Tamworth accountancy firm has celebrated a milestone 30 years in business with a special party at Drayton Manor Park for its many loyal clients and friends.

Thomas & Co Accountants LLP, which is run by mother and son team Angela

Wheeler and Danny Thomas marked the occasion with around 130 people who have supported the business over the years.

Angela started the company on December 1st, 1991, when she was just 22 years old and had a nine-month-old son to look after – that same son who is now a partner in the firm.

Angela’s love of accounting and finances began at a very young age and she first worked in accountancy practice as a summer job at the age of 17. She loved it so much that she never left, and ended up being made a partner in the firm at 20.

Then in 1991, Angela started Thomas & Co, with a handful of clients and little Danny in tow.

“It was tough in the early days,” said Angela, who went on to have three more children. “I used to meet clients in the day while the children were at school and then work in the evenings when they went to bed, sometimes until 2 am in the morning.

“Back then everything took a lot longer as many of the processes were manual and incredibly time-consuming.

“I also completed all my professional qualifications, including AAT.”

The hard work was all worth it though as the business has grown significantly over the years and now has four team members, including Angela and her son Danny, who became a partner in 2016.

“Danny joined the business full-time in 2012 after going to university, but he’d actually been helping with admin since the age of 13,” Angela said.

“He used to work here part-time in the school holidays as well and he’d really carved out a role for himself in the business. Although with my ‘mum’ hat on I did encourage him to go and try other things but he really enjoyed what he was doing here and he adds so much value that I couldn’t be without him anyway.”

The firm has around 200 clients which it supports with all aspects of accountancy, tax, consulting, business and financial advisory services.

And one of their proudest accomplishments is that all this growth has been achieved through recommendation. Many clients have been with Angela since day one – referring the business to their friends and becoming part of a supportive and friendly Thomas & Co network.

Reflecting on the last 30 years, Angela said: “I have seen so many changes over the last three decades, especially with the automation of processes. For example, we are working towards being a paperless office which 30 years ago would have been a futuristic space-age thought!

“I have loved every day though; I haven’t really worked a day in my life as I love what I do! The best part has been working with the clients. I love getting to know

them, finding out what makes them tick and how we can help them to grow. Many have become friends, so we were delighted to be able to thank them for their business with the event at Drayton Manor.”


As well as providing the suite of accountancy services, Thomas & Co Accountancy also helps businesses add value and growth through advice, consultancy and its value builder programme and this is where it will evolve further in the coming years.

The practise is currently accepting new clients.